Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet the all New 2013 Chevrolet Spark

The 2013 Chevrolet Spark:
Arriving fashionably on time on the American scene in the summer of 2012. This stylish little guy’s first-gen has been bobbing and weaving through European streets for a year now. Designed to fit your city and your life, the compact Spark slides easily into those tight parking spots that other cars don’t dare dream about. No more driving in three-block circles for hours ruing the moment you decided not to take the bus. Much more time spent exploring your city.
Spark is the city driving solution. Bringing the same amount of small to the table as those other guys at a price that lets you keep your apartment. Affordability meets swagger. Spark keeps your personal style in mind with a plethora of available colors ranging from fun to funky. This city car makes parallel parking a nonissue, lets you keep your flair and turns the city into an adventure. So get lost and see what you can find.
The Stuff:
Affordable doesn’t mean boring. Spark may have a starting price lower than a limbo stick after five rounds, that does not mean it shouldn’t come with all the tech and gadgets that make buying a new ride so euphoric. Of course you expect alloy wheels, power windows and air conditioning. And you’ll get it, standard on any model. But what about some stuff you can brag about? Well, Spark 1LT and 2LT were designed to include all that fun stuff. We’re talking Bluetooth® for compatible devices3, we’re talking unlocking with the OnStar® RemoteLink™ app4, we’re talking plugging your portable device into the USB port5 and rocking out through the speakers. That’s if you don’t already have your 7-inch diagonal touch-screen programmed to blast tunes from the three-month trial of SiriusXM Satellite Radio6.
Still want more? Of course you do, it’s why we love you. The Spark 2LT includes: an enhanced exterior appearance with front and rear sport fascias, a unique front upper and lower grille, roof rails, chrome liftgate handle, chrome exhaust outlet and a tissue to wipe away the drool.
The Stares:
Life is too short and too long not to have fun. Colors that match your mood or your shoes.Let’s get to the good stuff. Of course cost and handling make the top of the list but we all know that’s not what you’ll be thinking about when you see your reflection coasting past one of those glass buildings downtown. No, the only thing that matters then is style. Along with its funky exterior design, Spark is available with unique alloy wheels, stylish foglamps and in eight playful colors. There are the standard hues like Silver Ice Metallic, Denim, Salsa and Summit White. But for those people who are anything but standard, Spark can be styled in more adventurous shades like Lemonade, Techno Pink and Jalapeño, all with interior accents to match. You define you. So you define Spark.
Playing it safe
Spark is down to ride out and find adventure but never forgets that the safety of you and your friends is important. It is a Chevrolet, after all. That’s why every Spark comes with ten standard air bags7, Hill Start Assist and OnStar8 standard for six months, no matter the model.
Once again we know you want more. How do we know that? Because we wanted more too -much more- and we put it all in there. Safety features like the StabiliTrak Stability Control System with Brake Assist to help out when the roads aren’t kind, driver and front passenger Dual Safety Belt Pretensioners to keep you in place, and Traction Control to help you get a grip…on the road. We did all this for you because if you have read this far down the page that makes us besties, FFFs (Facebook friends forever) and Spark loves its friends.
For more information visit Performance Chevrolet.

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