Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Safe Driving Tips For Teens

Safe Driving Tips For Teens

Elizabeth City, NC – If you’re the parent of a teenager who has just started driving then chances are you’re absolutely terrified. But you don’t have to be any longer because here are some safe driving tips for teens that could save your teenager’s life in the event of a car emergency.

#1: Practice!
Practicing your reactions in case of an emergency is extremely useful. Find an empty parking lot and imagine a situation that you would have to react quickly in either swerving to one side or the other. You can set up cones or just use your imagination, but simply going through the process could improve your reaction time just enough to possibly even save your life.

#2: Always remain calm and you’ll stay in control!
It is all too common for people’s minds to wander while they’re driving, but what is important is keeping yourself from trying to over-correct when you start to drift off of the road. If this happens then gently steer your vehicle back onto the road while releasing the accelerator. Although you may be alarmed initially when you find yourself drifting, you don’t need to jerk the wheel back towards the road. Jerking the wheel could cause you to jump into oncoming traffic and cause a very dangerous and unnecessary accident. So just remember to stay calm!

Steering Wheel

#3: Use 9 and 3 to position your hands!
Over the years you may have been taught that the positions 10 and 2 are where your hands should be placed (we are of course referring to the number positions on an analog clock in relation to a steering wheel). However, studies show now that 9 and 3 are the safest possible positions as they allow you full steering control. Due to modern airbags, having your hands high on a steering wheel can cause your hand to hit you directly in the face leading to broken teeth, a broken nose and even a broken hand in the event of an accident. 

#4: Never be afraid to use your brakes!
Many young drivers feel uneasy about slamming down on their brakes when the situation calls for it but we assure you, sometimes it is the only way to avoid an accident. Your ABS is more powerful than you think so even if start feeling a pulsation from the pedal or you hear a strange noise you don’t have to be alarmed, it’s completely normal. If you are in a situation where you need to brake, then remember that ABS allows you to brake and steer at the same time. Keep in mind though that you should only let off of the brake once you’ve righted your vehicle, otherwise you could accidently steer yourself off of the road.

Anti-Lock Braking System
Be sure to share these tips with your teenager or even with any family or friends who have teenagers of their own. These safe driving tips for teens may seem simple but they are highly effective and useful in emergency situations. So talk to your teenager about this information and keep them coming home safe!

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