Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Five Alternatives to Roasted Turkey

Sure the “classic” roasted turkey is considered by many to be the all American way to celebrate Thanksgiving, but lets face it, more often than not your left with a somewhat dry, kind of bland main course.  Worse yet, for the next 4-5 days your stuck choking down the leftovers too!  Chevy dealers has you covered! Here are four alternatives to roasting a turkey, guaranteed to have everyone going back for seconds!

Charcoal Grilled Turkey

That’s right charcoal not gas.  This time of year you can pick one up for under $30 bucks and it’s well worth the investment! Use a completely thawed, unstuffed bird.  Used flavored wood chips to add the flavor of you choosing replacing the coals every 20-30 minutes.  The turkey is done at 160 degrees!

Smoked Turkey

You can buy a smoker for under $70 at a hardware store, and once the holiday is over, you can use it all year long for sausage, steak, chicken or any variety of meats!  Follow the cooking guidelines that come in the box, as each smoker is slightly different.

Deep-Fried Turkey

Despite the stigma of burning your house down with this method, it’s actually quite safe if you do it in an open area away from your house, preferably in a sand pit.  The taste is something out of this world!  You do need a special turkey deep fryer, and can find one for about $75.

Countertop Roaster Oven

Most people have one that barely comes out of storage except for the occasional pot roast.  This year try using it to cook your turkey! Not only will the turkey roast in its own juices staying delicious and moist, but you will also be able to now use your oven to bake pies, casseroles and stuffing!

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