Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Apps and Websites Make Hitching a Ride Easy

New Apps and Websites Make Hitching a Ride Easy
ELIZABETH CITY, NC - With so much technology, life becomes easier with every passing day. One way in which life is improving is with how easily it is to arrange a carpool; there now exists new apps and websites that make hitching a ride, easy. You no longer have to know somebody that is going your way, you simply have to have access to the internet!

Carpooling has so many advantages; not just to you, but also to the environment. Sharing a ride can cut down on greenhouse gases, gas expenses, and if you live in a large city, it can cut down on road congestion. With so many advantages, it's easy to see why these apps and websites that make hitching a ride easy are on the rise.

For example, apps such as GroupMe, or websites such as Nuride.com, or Rideshare.com help arrange carpool opportunities. You no longer have to know the person who is going the same direction as you, since the site that you use arranges it for you. Now before you start to wonder how safe this can be, rest assured that this has already been thought of. To ensure the safety of both parties involved, these ride arranging applications have security protocols and some require payment to the driver before the carpool.

Chevrolet is taking a look at these apps and websites, and brainstorming about how they can implement  this into one of their vehicles. Chevy is currently discussing the possibility that future vehicles would come with an option connected device that would allow you to arrange a carpool from within your vehicle.  This connectivity would signal to the driver where a fellow carpooler is located, allowing them to pick up their rider.

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